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Real Estate Attorneys Serving Mequon, Wisconsin

Buying or selling a house can be one of the most important financial transactions of your life. It makes sense to have an attorney guide you through the process, and to ensure your interests are properly protected. Unlike a real estate broker that can work both sides of the deal, an attorney is ethically obligated to look out for your interests only. The result is our client’s peace of mind, knowing that everything was done right and by the book.

In addition to traditional real estate transactions, there are other areas of real estate law that our attorneys may assist you. Those areas include: retitling your home into trust; easements, covenants, and conditions; real estate liens; life estates; land contracts; foreclosure actions; landlord/tenant issues, including lease drafting, eviction proceedings, and other concerns.

Our attorneys also have the courtroom experience necessary to resolve disputes over breaches of contract, a seller’s failure to disclose defects in a property, or a seller’s misrepresentations concerning the condition of the property, and any other issues that can arise after a real estate transaction has taken place.

Attorney LaFave has provided legal representation in real estate transactions and related matters for over forty years. We, at Malm & LaFave, S.C., are ready to assist you in any of your real estate matters.